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The Science Fiction and Mystery Bookshop, For 20 years the South’s largest and best selection of new SF, Fantasy, Mystery and Horror fiction. We also have a large selection of collectable SF and Mystery books.

You just never know who you might run into at The SF and Mystery Bookshop. If you had dropped by Nov. 6th you would have met John Ringo, rising SF super star.

On Wednesday, Dec. 10 2003, Andrew Klavan will sign his new novel, Dynamite Road, from 6PM to 8PM.

Jim Bishop is a hard man, as cold as the wind off the water and tough to the point of brutality. Scott Weiss is Bishop's boss, a world-weary ex-cop who runs a private detective agency out of a concrete tower in the heart of San Francisco. In this powerfully original series debut by award-winning and best selling author Andrew Klavan, Weiss sends Bishop to investigate corruption at a Northern California airport-and so sets events in motion that will lead both men on a desperate hunt for a master assassin.

Bishop's assignment is to investigate the airport and report back to Weiss. But Bishop prefers to make up the rules as he goes along. He's willing to beat any man into the ground and draw any woman into his bed in order to get the answers he's after. A pilot himself, he takes to the air to check out the illegal flights of a thug names Chris Wannamaker. Then he coolly seduces Wannamaker's lonely wife in order to find out more.

Back in the city, as Weiss struggles to rein Bishop in, he begins a connected investigation of his own. A death in a mansion in Presidio Heights, a seemingly random murder South of Market, an apparent suicide off the Golden Gate Bridge, all seem to bear the mark of Weiss' old nemesis, an expert gun-for-hire who goes by the name of the Shadowman. It's a trail of blood, and each step of it seems to bring Weiss closer to Julie Wyant, a mysterious beauty who captures the imagination of every man she meets.

Soon Bishop has found his way into the center of a massive criminal conspiracy, a plan set to climax with an act of audacious violence and a murder that would be impossible for any killer but one. And with his operative's wife in danger, Weiss begins a race against time to outsmart the murderer who stalks his nightmares and to rescue the woman who haunts his dream.
If you like your tough guys really tough, your femme fatale and your action explosive-welcome to Dynamite Road.

Hardcover  $25.95


Here are a few featured books just in:

ISBN: 0446532215


Somewhere beyond the farthest pole of the world, the Land of Dhrall lies anchored by the will of four powerful yet eccentric Gods. From controlling the weather to influencing the course of mortal men, these deities can bend reality to their whims. Yet bound by the laws of nature, they cannot take lives.

The Gods are not the only power. For in the center of Dhrall is the Wasteland, the domain of a mysterious, voracious horror known as That-Called-The-Vlagh. A nightmare made flesh, the Vlagh has created a massive army of hideous monsters in a plan to conquer Dhrall and overrun the world. And now, at the end of a cycle of Time, That-Called-The-Vlagh may succeed.

In the coming battles the people of Dhrall will be aided by a ragtag force of pirates and mercenary soldiers. But the true warriors against the Vlagh will turn out to be four enigmatic children known as the Dreamers. Raised by the Gods themselves, these children have the ability to summon dreams that can alter the fabric of reality. And unlike the Elder Gods, the Dreamers do not hesitate to use their powers to kill….

New York Times bestselling authors David and Leigh Eddings have entertained legions of fantasy readers for decades with such epic fantasy classics as the The Belgariad, The Mallorean, and The Redemption of Althalus. Now the Eddings present the first volume in the new saga of the Dreamers-an enthralling and richly imaginative epic that introduces two generations of living Gods…and the impending doom that threatens them.

Hardcover Ace  $23.95
"Having mastered the big, sprawling adventure stories called space opera in books like Chindi, McDevitt extends the form in this feel-good SF novel that earns its hopeful conclusion....McDevitt is very good at imagining strange challenges, and at picturing humans coping when things don't work out as planned."

— Publishers Weekly

The (series) McDevitt began with The Engines of God...concludes in a decisive confrontation with the omega clouds....As before, McDevitt forges out of ethical dilemmas a plot as gripping as any action fan could want....A felicitous concoction that rather recalls Gregory Benford and David Brin's stuff, and surely will please their fans as well as McDevitt's.

— Booklist

"The real strength of the narrative lies in its profound evocation of cosmic mysteries, and in its corollary concern for the tiny nuts-and-bolts details that underlie the largest, most complex enterprises....No one writing today is better than McDevitt at combining galaxy-spanning adventure with the genuine novel of ideas. This latest amalgam of hard SF and humanist concerns is McDevitt at his best, and that is very good indeed."

Washington Post

"...There is plenty of excitement, some sympathetic characters to follow, and an answer to a puzzle McDevitt first posed almost a decade ago. If you've enjoyed the earlier novels in the series, you won't want to miss this one."

— Analog

Paperback Ace $7.99

Sequel to The Engines of God

Radio signals emanating from stealth satellites orbiting a neutron star lead to a search for the source. The effort appears hopeless, but a group of wealthy enthusiasts, with their own ship, hire Priscilla Hutchins to take them out to have a look.

The trail is both strange and lethal. Ultimately they encounter the chindi, a ship roughly the size of Chicago. And what appears to be an alien refuge in perhaps the loveliest spot in the Orion Arm.

But the chindi is dangerous, and ultimately Hutch finds herself in a desperate pursuit to rescue a friend before time runs out.


$6.99 Paperback

Rich and witty, the literary whodunits by Amanda Cross are a delight for readers who like their mysteries smart and suspenseful. Now comes the highly anticipated sequel to her Kate Fansler novel, Honest Doubt, which the Providence Journal called “one of [her] best books in years.” Here, Cross takes her beloved protagonist into uncharted territory, turning Kate Fansler’s world upside down.

Just when Kate Fansler thinks life couldn’t possibly hold any more surprises, she receives a phone call from Laurence, the eldest of her imperious brothers. But a woman as sharp as Kate knows that the moment one stops believing in life’s little bends in the road is the time when it has more twists in store.

Kate has always been different from the other Fanslers–a free and independent thinker in a family where propriety and decorum are prized above all. She has always assumed it was because she was the youngest and the only girl in the family. But over a drink with Laurence, Kate’s whole understanding of herself is thrown into question as he calmly tells her that a strange man came to his office claiming to be Kate’s father–and it’s quite possible that she is not a Fansler after all.

There are even more dangerous curves in the road for Kate Fansler, especially after she meets the man who calls himself her father. When more life-threatening secrets and lies emerge, Kate and the Fansler family are suddenly pitched perilously close to the edge of doom.

 $14.95 Trade Paperback

In a secret government lab somewhere in Nevada, a young scientist cowers in darkness–waiting, listening, and calculating his chances of surviving the unspeakable carnage that has left him trapped and alone. Or almost alone.

Soon after, a covert military operation “cleanses” all traces of a top-secret project gone horrifically wrong.

Three years later, it begins again–when the quiet of a warm autumn night in a sleepy California town is shattered by a streak of light across the sky, the thunder of impact, and the unleashing of something insidious. Spreading, multiplying, and transforming everything in its path, this diabolical intelligence will not be denied until the townsfolk–and eventually, all living things–are conquered. Until they are all crawling. . . . “With his electric intensity, elegant prose, and eye for details both sleazy and tender, Shirley is one of the most original voices in fiction today.” –POPPY Z. BRITE

“Barely street-legal, Shirley’s Bosch-like visions mark him out as perhaps the closest thing contemporary American fantasy has to a genuine ‘outsider artist.’ ” –WILLIAM GIBSON, Author of Neuromancer

“John Shirley accomplishes things that most writers would not dare to attempt.” –BRUCE STERLING, Author of Schismatrix

“John Shirley is an adventurer, returning from dark and troubled regions with visionary tales to tell. I heartily recommend a journey with John Shirley at your side.” CLIVE BARKER

"Shirley's latest begins horrifyingly--a top-secret government lab is destroyed by nasty, experimental nanotechnology--and just gets creepier, though more subtly so for quite a while, with just flashes of strange things in the woods and odd behavior by the involved populace. The comfortable town of Quiebra is in deadly danger, but the government, afraid of what will happen if the outside world finds out what has been let loose, is playing its cards close to its chest. For the Quiebrans, however, their predicament seems at first only a streak of light in the night sky and a potentially profitable salvage operation for Adair Leverton's father. Shirley's characters are believably flawed and variable, while his nasty little nanocreatures are, well, nasty (also singleminded about spreading). Meanwhile, his prose is often quite wonderful, even when he is describing something stomach-turningly icky. This portrayal of the dangers of secret experimentation with the diabolically dangerous is unnerving, not least because it is frighteningly convincing." -Booklist

"Crawlers has Shirley's trademark intensity, moral outrage and critical wit but also includes deep social and political allegories as well. What happens when humanity becomes too dependent upon technology? Are we sacrificing consciousness for mindless pleasures and superfluous comforts? What if sentient technology turns the tables and begins using us as its tool? Shirley's latest is as terrifying as it is thought-provoking." -Bookpage

"CRAWLERS is a horror story on a par with Dean Koontz, Stephen King and Clive Barker. It is a story of science gone amuck and what the consequences are when not enough safeguards are placed on a scientific black-ops experiment. The novel is fast paced and the action never lets up yet the author doesn't ignore character development. The people who populate the pages of this book are rugged individuals who try to fight the enemy and endear themselves to the audience in the process." -All